U.S backs Apple and Amazon in their denials over Chinese hacking report


A few days ago Bloomberg reported that Chinese Hackers had inserted microchips to hack into American Computer Networks, however, It has been denied by all the company who were reported to have suffered from this incident including Apple and Amazon.

The denials of Apple and Amazon are backed by The Department of Homeland Security and said that there no reason why the Department of Homeland Security should question the denials by U.S tech giants including Apple and Amazon.

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One of the officials from the Department of Homeland security said in a statement that:

“At this time we have no reason to doubt the statements from the companies named in the story,”


The companies include the tech giants like Apple and Amazon who clearly denied any such incident.

It was reported by Bloomberg Businessweek that Chinese spies managed to put tiny microchips inside the hardware that was made in China by subcontractors of U.S based company, Supermicro.

About 30 companies were affected by this incident including companies like Amazon, Apple, a major bank and government contractors too.

While investigating the incident, Investigators found that the tiny microchips were as small as a grain inside the motherboards of Supermicro which is one of the chief suppliers of server motherboards.

Investigators determined that these chipsets created a stealth pathway into the network.

One of the representatives of the House Intelligence Committee said that:

 “Law makers are seeking further clarification from the intelligence community regarding this latest report and will be reaching out to the companies affected.”


“The report that China sought to infiltrate the computer chip supply chain, if true, is deeply disturbing and the latest example of the lengths that Beijing will go to in order to steal America’s official and commercial secrets,”

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