Apple to block third-party repairs to Mac devices

A couple of days ago, MacRumors and Motherboard(Vice) reported that Apple has added “software lock” onto the 2017 iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro. These software locks would make it harder and difficult for non-authorised and third-party repair shops to do their job.

Both of these websites seen documents from Apple and according to these websites the software lock will be open if a repair is made on the MacBook Pro’s display assembly, logic board, keyboard, touchpad, and Touch ID board. As for the 2017 iMac Pro, the software lock will turn itself on when a repair is made on the machine’s Logic Board or flash storage.

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The device won’t work until a repair diagnostic software called Apple Service Toolkit 2 is run by Apple or Apple’s authorized provided. Without this diagnostic program, your Mac device will be inoperative.

This will be found on new MacBook devices which will feature Apple’s latest T2 security chip that Apple introduced on 2017 iMac Pro and this year’s MacBook Pro. It looks like that this chipset will find its way on upcoming Mac devices.

“For Macs with the Apple T2 chip, the repair process is not complete for certain parts replacements until the AST 2 System Configuration suite has been run. Failure to perform this step will result in an inoperative system and an incomplete repair.”

This Apple Toolkit software will be available to representatives working at Apple-authorized service facilities. So, if you take your new Mac device to a third-party repair shop or an independent person then your device will be inoperative after the repair.

Apple hasn’t given any official statement on this issue but it looks like that it will be true as security is one of Apple’s top interests.

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