Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL having problems saving pictures

When you spend money on a completely new thing then you want it to be working flawlessly as the thing comes fresh out of the box, however, for some Google Pixel 3 users that may not be the case.

Some Google Pixel 3 users are reporting that these new flagships have an issue in which the pictures taken by the Camera app are not saved and according to some users it is not a new issue.

[Source: Google]
According to Twitter users, the photos just disappear after being taken, even after the little preview of the picture taken that appear at the corner of the Camera app.

This bug can affect Pixel 2s or older Android devices too. It affects the users in different ways depending on their device’s software and hardware.

One thing that is certain that it is not some fake rumor, it is a real bug that is affecting some users but not everyone.

No one knows what’s going on, especially with the new Pixel devices as the photos, they just disappear but it looks like it is a software that Google will soon have to fix. It may be that there may be a bug in the stock Camera app or the problem may be related to how Android handles image processing but nothing is confirmed.

There is no official word from Google on this issue but considering how it could affect their sales and users, it looks like a fix for this bug will come out sooner rather than later.

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