Verizon will now let its users use up to 5 different numbers on same device

It may be over for Verizon customer to carry multiple smartphones for business and personal uses. Verizon announced today that it is introducing an app that will allow the users to add up to 5 phone numbers to one smartphone.

The new app launched by Verizon is called My Numbers which is available to download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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For each additional number, the service costs $15 per month, but considering how much costly it can be to buy a smartphone, it is significantly cheaper but in the longer run, it may prove out to be costly.

The app sets up separate voicemails and text messaging boxers for each of the different numbers.

There are some other apps like Google Voice or Flyp that provide some relief in managing both business and personal phones quandary, but from a major carrier, it is one of the first efforts. T-Mobile also launched a similar functioning app that allowed its customers to use up to 5 different phone numbers on their device but this is the first effort by Verizon.

Managing multiple phone numbers on different devices can be tiresome as due to the busy routine, charging, and managing different smartphones for businessmen can be difficult.

In the US, managing multiple phone numbers has been difficult as would need multiple SIM cards in order to use different numbers and in the US, most smartphones have only one SIM slots whereas in other regions such as Asia, dual SIM smartphones are a common occurrence.

If you are on those users that want to manage multiple phone numbers on the same devices then you can download the My Numbers app on your smartphone and start use the service today.

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