Apple defends search engine deal with Google despite privacy concerns

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Despite criticizing Google on the way it handles users’ data, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook defended Apple’s deal with the search giant. In an Interview on HBO, Tim Cook was asked that why was he comfortable in taking billions of dollars from Google in order to make Google as the default search engine of Apple, despite wanting to protect the privacy of users.

In reply to the question asked, Cook, said that security and privacy measures are already available in Safari Browser while allowing the users to access “the best” search engine.

Tim Cook
[Source: CTV News]
Tim Cook said that:

“I think their [Google’s] search engine is the best. Look at what we’ve done with the controls we’ve built in. We have private web browsing. We have an intelligent tracker prevention. What we’ve tried to do is come up with ways to help our users through their course of the day. It’s not a perfect thing. I’d be the very first person to say that. But it goes a long way to helping.”

It is reported that Apple will make somewhere from $3 billion to $9 billion from the deal that will make Google the default search engine of all the Apple devices which includes Apple’s Safari Browser, Siri Web Search, and anywhere else.

This will be profitable for both the companies as it is the best interest of both companies and users would also like to make searches through Google than through any other search engine.

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