Logitech confirms that it isn’t buying Plantronics

Yesterday, it was reported that Logitech is in talks to acquire a famous headphone making company Plantronics for above $2.2 billion, but it was just a rumor and turns out, the deal isn’t happening.

Logitech told TechCrunch about the deal that “while it had engaged in discussions with Plantronics about a potential transaction, it had terminated the negotiations.”

[Source: Logok]
This deal would have meant a lot for Logitech if it would have been made but looks like the companies couldn’t agree on it.

A $2.2 billion deal would have been the biggest acquisition made by Logitech by far. Logitech willingness to pay so much for Plantronics is due to the fact that earlier this year, it bought Polycom, a video-conferencing solutions maker for $2 billion and this had to be the main factor in Logitech’s willingness to pay so much.

This deal would have been a big acquisition but it wouldn’t have reflected the value of Plantronics’ consumer business.

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