Google integrates Siri Shortcuts in Assistant to make it better

To make Google Assistant feel like a bit better or at least comparable to Siri on iOS, Google is doing everything it can and making use of every tool possible.

Siri on iOS is so good and deeply-rooted that other virtual assistants can’t match the level of convenience and speed that Siri has to offer, but still, Google is trying its best and everything that it has in its power.

[Source: Google]
There is already an option available by which you can Google Assistant widget to the left of the home screen or lock screen but with a new update released today, Google Assistant has now got support for Siri Shortcuts.

Sounds weirds, doesn’t it? Google Assitant through Siri? Yes, that’s how it is. Right from Google Assistant, you can record a phrase like “Hey Google” or “OK Google” or any other phrase and then Google Assistant will open immediately and start listening for your command or question.

If your iPhone is unlocked then Google Assitant can be accessed hands-free by saying “Hey Siri” followed by the phrase that you selected such as “Ok Google”(If that’s the phrase that you selected).

Through Siri Shortcuts, you can set shortcuts for phrases that you use frequently with Google Assitant. Let’s say that you want to turn all of your lights and lock the doors then you can set a shortcut and then say that phrase shortcut to Siri such as “Goodnight Google”. This will open the Google Assitant and it will turn off all of your lights and lock the doors.

The Siri Shortcuts integration is available in the latest update of Google Assistant for iOS and you download it from the App Store.

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