Microsoft patent shows how the device can use cameras to intelligently adjust audio volume

Another patent of Microsoft has been leaked which shows how Microsoft might be using integrated cameras to automatically adjust the volume of its upcoming dual-screen pocketable tablet.

The method that Microsoft is planning to implement is definitely the solution to issue of a device with two different screen running different apps on both of the displays.

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Each screen may require a different volume level and also the position of the user relative to the screen that which screen the user is facing towards and how far is he from the screen.

The patent describes a mobile computing device which consists of two display with each screen housing a front camera.

These cameras will use the face detection technology to determine that which screen is currently being used by the user and how far is he from it. Let’s say audio is playing on both the screen but the device will automatically increase the volume for the screen at which the user is focusing at and adjust if the user switches to the other one.

If one of the display is folded such that is not being used completely then it will detect that it isn’t being used at all and will the volume of that screen completely.

Although the device will adjust the volume automatically, still the users will have the regular volume controls and will be able to adjust the volume and override any automatically made volume adjustment.

There are plenty of patents making their way into the news but it is not known that whether Microsoft will make such a dual-screen device. Microsoft has also done it in the past too that it doesn’t produce the expected products.

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