Google will no longer support Reply, a smart-reply app

Google has officially announced that it will no longer support Reply, an experimental app by Google that offered smart replies to various third-party apps including Facebook Messenger, Hangouts.

Earlier this year, it was released as a part of Google’s Area 120 division that develops and tests strange apps.

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Google said to the beta testers in an email that:

“As you know, Reply was an experiment, and that experiment has now ended. While it might still work for the next few months, you may encounter bugs, or see that the suggestions aren’t as good.”

That means that you will still be able to use Reply but you will find bugs and glitches and come across suggestions that aren’t good enough.

However, Google said that the work done “will live on in other Google products” which most likely include Gmail’s Smart Compose and Smart Reply.

According to users, Reply just suggested plain responsive which most of the time were useless. It used to repeat the noun in the message received and it was angled towards consenting responses.

Reply was expected to support Maps and Calendar which would offer appointment suggestion or tell the estimates according to the user’s current location and traffic conditions but these features weren’t available for the period Reply was available. It is unknown whether Google still plans to roll out these features or not but if it does, these will be found most-likely in Google’s apps.

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