Google introduces a new feature for Google Maps on iOS

Google has been introducing new features to Google Maps in thick and fast. Previously, there has been the addition of new features such as recommendations to visit places, sharing smartphone battery life with friends and more recently, a Commute tab which improves the trip planning process.

Google Maps introduced the feature to share your live location with your friends and family on both Android and iOS apps last year but recently Google added a feature that gives you the ability to share your ETA with friends and family but that was for Android only back then.

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Now, Google has announced that this feature of sharing your ETA with friends and family is now added to the iOS version of Google Maps. Along with that, the users can also share their ETAs with their contacts via third-party apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger etc on both platforms(Android and iOS).

This feature is really easy to use. Once you have started a journey(driving, cycling, walking), you can tap on “^” button and then tap on “Share trip progress.” Tapping on it will give you the option to share your current location, route, and ETA.

It will also show a list of third-party apps by which you can send your ETA and other details to your contacts making it simple for you. This feature will automatically stop sharing your location once your journey is completed.

You can download/update the latest version of Google Maps from App Store and Play Store to avail these features.

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