DELL says hackers may have stolen users information

A customer update has been released on Dell’s website in which it acknowledges beat off a possible hack that could have compromised users information that happened on November 9th.

In the update, DELL says that it noticed unauthorized activity on its network and took action to intervene it. The hackers made an effort to extract customers’ names, emails, and hashed passwords. Although it not clear that whether the effort was successful or not.Dell

The customer update on DELL’s website says that it had found no proof that any user information was compromised but another press release on DELL’s website contradicts it and says:

“Though it is possible some of this information was removed from Dell’s network, our investigations found no conclusive evidence that any was extracted.”

After the unauthorized activity was noticed, DELL hired a digital forensics firm and involved the authorities and took the precautionary measure of resetting the passwords of all the customers.

If you are a DELL customer then you should also change your password if not changed and if your password for other services is same as your’s DELL password then you should change the password for those services too.

DELL didn’t say that how many accounts were affected as it is a voluntary disclosure and there is no real evidence about the customer information that whether it was extracted or not.

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