Apple’s new Update — new problems

iPhone’s charging problem was resolved with the first update to iOS 12. However, iOS version 12.0.1 is causing users to get problems such as broken calls, network and signal connectivity problems and battery life issues, as reported by the media outlets.

Source: The Verge

Forbes reported that :

“Since upgrading, owners of both new and old iPhones are finding their phones either don’t make or receive calls. Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and battery-related issues are again surfacing on an iOS generation which Apple has promoted as being all about efficiency, stability and speed,”

Apple released iOS 12.0.1 to fix the issue when Apple received reports regarding the issue of devices not getting charged when the lightning cable is plugged in, not showing the subtitles in video apps and making Bluetooth unavailable. The iOS 12.0.1 does not fix the Wi-Fi issue either, wherein users say that their device connects to Wi-Fi only “occasionally”.

Apple has also recently told their users regarding their complaints about iMessage delivering personal messages to wrong and multiple people since the release of iOS 12.

A recent report added that:

“Apple has been telling users that iMessage accidentally sending messages to wrong people is actually a feature for iOS 12 and that it is happening because Apple is now organizing all contacts by Apple ID, so if family members or friends share an ID now all these messages are shared simultaneously with everyone who has that ID,”

Apple just had fixed one problem with the first update of iOS 12 but it brought some new problems for the users who are using Apple’s latest devices. Let’s see how long Apple takes to fix these new problems. Users who want to avoid such problems shouldn’t update unless there comes a new update which fixes these problems.

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