Apple reportedly acquires AI startup

It has been reported that Apple has acquired an AI Startup called as Silk Labs which is focused on making on-device machine learning software.

This was reported by The Informationthe purchase took place earlier this year and it would be a fit for how Apple is taking a privacy approach to Artificial Intelligence.

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Silk Labs is not a famous name in technology. It was founded by Mozilla former CTO Andreas Gal and since then it has launched only one product “an intelligent camera and hub for your smart home” named Sense.

The Sense was a stylish and web designed hub and the main intent of this device was to connect all of the smart home products together including cameras, thermostats, and speaks.

The startup launched Sense on Kickstarter at the start of 2016 but the product failed to receive much funding and the company then discontinued the product and announced that it is moving to developer AI software for other firms.

According to the report, Apple purchased Silk Labs for a relatively small price as the startup only had a few employees and raised about $4 million in funding.

Silk Labs uses on-device machine learning services so, this means that users’ data is processed without sending it to cloud and this is a method that Apple has also preferred.

Unlike its Rival Google which collects and processes user data in the cloud, Apple prefers doing it on the device so, your personal data is under control and this is also a method that Silk Labs uses so, it would be a perfect fit for Apple’s AI methods.

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