Windows 10 October 2018 has new bugs as reported by users

Windows 10 October 2018 Update was bad, very bad for Microsoft as the update had a malicious bug which caused some users to report about their files missing and apparently, it appears that there is more news for Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

The new bug which is reported by users is similar to the previous file deletion bug but a bit different. Users are reporting that after installing the October 2018 Update, the ZIP operations are not working as they should.

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The problem with ZIP operation is that Windows is failing to ask whether it should overwrite the already existing files. In simple words, when you unzip a .zip or .rar file then Windows show a prompt if other copies of those files are already present in that folder.

However, with the latest Windows 10 October Update, this is not happening and Windows just overwrites files without asking or informing the user.

This anomalous behavior is only present in Window’s 10 built-in ZIP extracting program so, if you are running any third-party program for ZIP extraction then you should be fine.

This could be bad news as one can extract a ZIP without having any idea about this bug and replace the newer version of the file with an older version.

Another bug, less widely reported, is also related to unzipping of files. When trying to unzip a file, there is no dialog box asking to whether overwrite or not and the operation just goes without any changes being made meaning that files aren’t replaced or anything. Nothing happening and the existing files remain the same, unchanged.

As reported by many users across the Internet about these bugs, it apparently looks like that these bugs are in-fact real and Microsoft should work on these bugs as soon as possible.

Microsoft did report that they have fixed the major file deletion bug but let’s hope that these bugs will also be fixed when then update finally rolls out.

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