Twitter taking steps to make the social platform clean

No matter how good an open social network sounds and Twitter is such a social network, but on paper only. However, for Internet trolls, it has become a home for them.

These people are constantly finding out ways to break rules and bully people online and it is even harder for the company to filter these trolls.

[Source: Twitter]
For the past few years, Twitter has been making efforts to make the site clean and spam-free focusing on fake news, abusive and bullying tweets but the most part of cleaning involves reports from users that report about such kind of tweets.

Twitter has now rolled out a new feature that will help make the cleaning process better than before. This new feature will replace the reported tweets with the following message:

“This tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.”

Some tweets also suggest that when you have reported a tweet then you won’t see that tweet in your news feed and it will hide the reported tweets behind a notice which will state that “you reported this tweet.”

This is certainly a useful feature as it will make Twitter a safer place for all the users and if a tweet or any media in the tweet is upsetting you then you can always report it so, you won’t have to see it again.

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