Sundar Pichai to testify before Congress on December 11th

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai was expected to testify before the White House Judiciary Committee today but the hearing has been postponed due to the death of the former President of the US George H.W Bush.

The hearing has now been scheduled for December 11th at 10 AM ET due to the scheduling conflicts with the funeral events of President Bush.

Sundar Pichai
Pichai is expected to face intense questioning from the Republican lawmakers who are concerned with the algorithms of Google and how they may be biased to more conservative content.

Republican Lawmakers are also expected to question Pichai on issues regarding data privacy and anti-competitive market behavior.

In September, Pichai did go to DC to have a private meeting with the Republican Lawmakers over their concerns regarding algorithms and Google’s secret Dragonfly Search Engine project that it is working on to develop an anti-censored search engine for the Chinese Market, but he didn’t sit before the panel for a public hearing.

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