Instagram co-founder left Facebook

Instagram co-founder and former CEO Kevin Systrom said on Monday in a statement that things weren’t going so great at Facebook. He has now left Instagram because things weren’t going well for him.

[Source: Instagram]
Kevin Systrom said in an interview that :

“No one ever leaves a job because everything’s awesome. Think about when you leave anything, there are obvious reasons for leaving.


I don’t have any plans yet, except to hang out for a little while I think I have a few more Instagrams, time-wise, in me. I’m not sure we’ll ever do anything nearly as impactful.”

Ex-CEO of Instagram did not go into many details as to what was the reason behind him leaving but said he had “no harsh feelings at all”  for the Facebook. In 2012, photo sharing social app Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion.

He also wished for the success of Instagram and said that:

“If this thing triples in size and becomes the most important thing in the world, that would be an awesome outcome for me, even if I’m not running it”

Instagram was operated with relative independence for most of that time, there had been several reports that both the CEO’s had arguments over several things and Mark wanted more control over the Instagram.

Instagram has grown massively since it was bought by Facebook and now has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram started selling ads in 2014, and while Facebook’s revenue is not as higher as Instagram. Earlier in September, Instagram announced online shopping feature to make easier buying things within the app.

Considering how popular and impactful Instagram is at the moment, it’s sad to see someone leave who had a lot to its success. Most of Facebook Inc.’s revenue comes from Instagram and to leave such a big project must be hard.

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