Googles makes building instant apps easier

Google is launching some new features that will make it easier for Android App Developers to build apps that are smaller in size that will download faster. Google will also make it easier to release instant apps so, users can test an app before downloading it.

This new feature(which isn’t really new) allows developers to organize their apps into modules or modularize their apps and deliver features when demanded. Google announced a few weeks ago that; “there are thousands of app bundles” in production. These app bundles will reduce the size of an average file up to 35%.

[Source: Google]
With the latest update, Google has made changes to the app bundles and how these bundles handle uncompressed native libraries that are already present on a device. It will lead to downloads which will be 8% smaller and will consume 16% less space on average.

App Bundles are now supported in Unity 2018.3 beta and Android Studio 3.2.

As mentioned earlier, another thing coming with this update will be the ability given to the developers to build their instant apps. This means that the developers won’t have to publish the actual app and instant app. Instead, the developers can use the App Bundles to include an instant app and the actual installable app.

Developers will also be given the option to build instant apps for their actual premium apps and publish them for pre-registration programs which wasn’t available before.

Other features with the update include improved crash reports with data both from users and from the Firebase Test Lab. Another feature with the update is that developers will have the option to set up subscription billing for their apps.

You can read more about this update here.

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