Apple calls the iPhone XR its best-selling phone

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing said in an interview to CNET about the latest model of iPhone that the iPhone XR has been our most popular iPhone each and every day since the day it became available.

It looks like that it is a strategic move made by the company in an attempt to prove the analyst reports last weeks that the iPhone XR is performing worse than Apple’s expectation.

iPhone XR
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Since the launch of these new iPhone models, it is the first time that Apple has commented on how these new iPhones are performing. This comes at a time when the company has its priciest phones ever and even the “budget-friendly” iPhone XR costs $750 which more than any base model of iPhone before.

The fact that whether Apple is telling the truth or lying, it can’t be known without any hard numbers. It may be possible that the iPhone XR may be Apple’s best selling iPhone ever but there isn’t any evidence in the form of numbers to support it or tell how much iPhones is the company selling.

Without any factual data, there is no way to find out that whether it is a success for the company or is just selling better than the costlier XS and XS Max due to the fact that these are just upgraded version of the last year’s iPhone X.

For Apple, it might not be a concern regarding the sales of iPhones as last year similar reports were out for the iPhone X but it resulted in a huge increase in the revenue for the company.

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