YouTube brings Autoplay on Home feature to mobile apps

YouTube has announced that it is bringing a feature from its YouTube Premium apps, although it is not what you and everyone else is looking for, background playback that everyone desperately wants, but, it is rolling out now is a feature called Autoplay on Home.

Autoplay on Home is a new default feature for both the iOS and the Android app of the YouTube and it will automatically start playing the videos that you see on the Home tab of the app.

YouTube Dark Mode
[Source: CNET]
Although there will be an option to disable it or keep it on only when connected to Wi-Fi, the company is certain that this Autoplay on Home is a better way to experience and browse YouTube.

For some users, it definitely won’t be a good feature but it help the YouTube and the content creators in one way and that is increasing the view counts. The videos will play muted with captions on but it means that content creators will now have a greater chance to monetize their video and higher engagement for both the content creators and YouTube.

YouTube Product Manager, David Sharon explained this new feature in a video saying that Google has worked to reduce the consumptions of mobile data on autoplay video and along with that it will also offer three types of captions;  automatic, creator-uploaded, and crowdsourced.

This feature was available to YouTube Premium for the past six months and it looks like that they welcomed. However, it is not obvious that everyone else will like this feature or welcome it warmly.

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