Amazon is testing its cashier-less technology in larger stores Inc. is testing its cashier-less checkout technology for bigger stores, according to certain reports. If this testing turned out to be a success, the strategy would further challenge brick-and-mortar retailers racing to make their businesses more easy and simple for people.

Amazon Go is opened at six sites across the US. These stores use high technology of sensors, cameras, and AI technology that tracks customers, which allows them to buy their material and go, with the final bill being shown on their account.Amazon Logo

In January, Amazon opened its first ever cashier-less store in Seattle, which was then followed by cashier-less stores in other areas such as Chicago, and San Francisco.

The stores at the current locations aren’t that much big as they are operating in relatively small spaces each covering around 3.5k sq ft and offering a limited range of items.

According to the reports, Amazon is currently testing its cashier-less technology for larger stores. Which also includes taking this technology to a larger place that stocks a broader range of products presents a number of challenges.

Amazon is planning to open as many as 3,000 by 2021. This would allow the Amazon to compete with its rivals such as CVS and Walmart, and in order to do so, they need to work on their range of sizes, from the smaller corner store to the larger supermarkets.

So it will take a while for Amazon to adopt this technology.

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