Google to fix the Google News issue faced by many publishers

There were certain complaints from the Google News publishers that their content is not being discovered by the audience in the Google News and Google responded on this saying that they are investigating the issue.

Google News
[Source: Google]
After proper investigation, one of Google’s representatives said that:

“We are working on an update which should help resolve some of the issues that publishers have raised around finding their sites or particular articles in Google News. We estimate this will be ready in the next few weeks and will provide another update at that time”

It is not sure that why publishers are complaining¬†about this bugs and why their websites are suffering from this bug but they say that the only way to find about their site’s content is to do a site command which shows the results from their websites otherwise, searching about a specific topics doesn’t show their result in Google News.

It is unclear that why some publishers are suffering from this bug. Maybe, Google made some changes to the algorithm of Google News or a bug is affecting the search results from these websites.

But Google has taken these complaints seriously and after investigating the matter, they said that they are working on an update which will resolve the issues that the publishers are facing regarding their websites.

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