Google announces new updates features for Android apps

At Android Dev Summit, Google had announced a set of new features which will be part of the Android App Bundle tool. With the new features, there is an In-App Updates API that will allow the developers to reinforce users to download the latest version of the app.

[Source: Google]
To allow the developers to force the users to update, the developers will now be given two set of options to fasten the app updates;

If the update is necessary such as security update or bug fixes then the developers would be able to display a full-screen message to the users next time they start up the app to notify them about the update.

Users will have the option to deny the update option in case they are using mobile data, are low on battery or any other reason.

As for the regular, less urgent updates, the In-App Updates API will allow the users to use the app as they normally would while the update gets downloaded in the background and the new version would be applied next time the user opens up the app.

This is a good initiative for both the users and the developers. If an app contains a serious malignant bug then the API will help the developers to nudge the users to update to the latest version of the app.

Another good thing about this is that if you have a slow internet connection then you will not have to wait for an app to be updated if you want to use the app you still can while its update is being downloaded.

The new Updates API are currently in the testing period and will be available globally soon.

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