Apple Watch 4 rebooting due to Daylight Saving Time bug

Apple’s latest Apple Watch 4 is experiencing a bug due to which Watch 4 can’t handle Daylight Saving Time(DST). According to reports from 9to5Mac, users who are using the new Apple Watch 4 are experiencing crashes and reboot loops due to a bug caused by Daylight Saving Time.

The Australians are first to be affected by this bug as yesterday they moved to DST and advanced their clocks one hour ahead which affected the Apple Watch 4 due to which it is experiencing crashes and reboot loops.

Apple Watch 4
[Source: CNBC]
As the Watch 4 gets stuck in the loop, the user can either remove this complication by using the Apple Watch app from their iPhone or they can wait until tomorrow when the bug will fix itself. The activity complication collects hourly data on exercise time, calories burned and for how much time you stood in a 24 hour time period but the fact that Australians moved one hour ahead seems to confuse the Apple Watch 4.

Apple still has time to fix this bug for other regions as Europe and USA have not moved to DST yet. Europe moves to DST at the end of this month while North America moves to DST on 4th November so, Apple has time to fix this bug.

This is not the first time that Apple has experienced a DST bug as there are several previous records about such bugs. In the early days of iOS, it was experienced many users and it caused the alarms to fail in Europe. Last year the iPhones used to crash when it hit 12:15 AM on December 2nd last year.

By this time, Apple should have fixed this bug but currently it doesn’t look like that Apple’s Engineers are paying any subtle attention to DST bug.

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