You can now download your Apple data

Apple now allows its US users to download a copy of its data that the company has about you.

Apple announced about this on Wednesday when it stated on its website that users can download the data that Apple has about them from the company’s privacy portal.

Apple Inc
[Source: Apple]
Apple said that:

“Privacy is a fundamental human right. Great experiences don’t have to come at the expense of your privacy and security.”

This initiative was taken by Apple after Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation law that came into effect in May of this year and as Europe’s users can already access their data through privacy portal and Apple also introduced this to the US, so, users living in the US can know what type of data the company has about them.

The data mostly includes; Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Address, and Purchases.

Apple has also said that it uses end-to-end encryption so, the content of your iMessages is not visible to Apple and as for Apple Maps, Apple uses random identifiers so, you won’t be identified individually when you will be using Apple Maps.

This is a very good initiative taken by Cupertino based company as it explains the openness of the company to its users while at the same time it gains the confidence of its users by telling that what type of data it has on its users.

If you are US resident, you can download your copy of data from here.

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