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Editorial Team

UptodateUpToDate is the last destination for all of your clinical issues and health-related problems. It is one of the most authentic online platforms where you will get instant answers to all of your health related queries. It is a point of care medical Software Solution which is fully loaded with a large amount of medical-related topics and detailed information. It has an enormous amount of drug monograph related information, interaction information, a drug to drug and herb to herb every little piece of medical information. Its development was started in 1992 by a medical specialist named Dr. Burton D along with Joseph Rush. Now it will become the biggest online resource in which more than 5700 clinical authors contribute their valuable time and skill to nurtured this powerful tool with their love and expertise. UpToDate can be easily accessed through the internet or offline on your computer or smartphones. Most of its basic feature is free but it requires a premium subscription for full access to all of its valuable resources. you can utilize the power of this platform through its web interface or by downloading its application for your smart devices. UpToDate has a native user interface which is a specially designed in such a way so that you can instantly find the information whenever needed. It supports a wide variety of different languages so you don’t have to worry about your language, you will literally get answers to your questions in each and every possible language. It saves a lot of your valuable time and efforts buy simply providing you all required information comfortably. A medical specialist from all around the world can earn CME, CPD and CE credits while using up to date without influencing their regular workflow.

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