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Editorial Team

UptodateUpToDate an app which is saving lives for over two decades now. Developed by Wolters Kluwer Health division UptoDate is a medical system software which helps doctors as well as the patients at the point of care. The UpToDate app is basically a big pile of medical knowledge and findings which is converted into mobile and PC application to help the people and the hospitals in providing better healthcare. This app acts as a bridge which brings knowledge from all around the world to the patient so the treatment can be done in the most effective and efficient manner. The findings and knowledge of over 5700 physicians are stored in this application. If there is a conflict of interest between the articles of different physicians. Then works as a middleman and try to figure out the problem before it might affect an actual patient.

UpToDate takes a subscription fee of $495 per year but the software helps in saving lives every day so it’s not a big amount to pay if somebody is getting better. The results have shown that the rate of death has decreased very much in the hospitals using UpToDate. This app is truly a gift from Wolters Kluwer. Anyone with the knowledge and degree can post their articles in UpToDate and can show their finding like:- Physiotherapy and how we can make the recovery better and faster etc. The app has a rating if 4.4 out of 5 from its users and UpToDate really works you can look for the stats and the reviews given by the hospitals and it’s users. It is like getting full medical attention on your doorstep within a few seconds. You can also read by the various drug(medicine) and how they work.

Download UpToDate v3.7.2 for Android device.