Download UpToDate v3.4.1

Editorial Team is a company comes under Wolters Kluwer Health division of Wolters Kluwer. Wolters Kluwer is known for many things and their main product is UpToDate. It is a software which is used for a clinical resource that provides the most evidence-based clinical information at the point-of-care. It provides the most important information about medical care in real time. It’s an app which is used by hospitals and clinics to solve the problems that are not answered usually. It is one of the most impactful resources used in patient care worldwide. Its influence has been proved to be very visible and useful in the medical world. Doctors all over the world have said it to be a very important part of the medical world.

This app has been saving lives for over 26 years and the impact it has on the medical community is very immense. With the help of this app, no question is out of reach because over 5700 physician authors have dedicated their lives to this software. It is available via the Internet or offline. You need to pay a subscription fee of $495 per year for gaining full access to the software. If you think that the fee is a little bit expensive then let me tell you the results of this app over the years. It is analyzed that UpToDate used by the hospitals have Shorter lengths of stay, fewer adverse outcomes, and lower complication rates. People are getting better quickly and days of discharge are reduced by an average of 0.167. A survey was conducted by Harvard researchers and they show that in 1017 institution 372000 hospital days saved per year with the use of UpToDate and 11500 lives were saved in 3 years. This app is truly changing the medical world in a very good manner.

Download UpToDate v3.4.1 on Android devices.