Download UpToDate v3.11.3

Editorial Team

UptodateDo you want online clinical decision support resource? If yes then you are lucky that you were found that and it is UpToDate. It is one of the most awesome resources from which you will get each and every possible answers to all of your clinical problems. It is also popular as the most trusted source of medical information which is tested by many researchers. It is the best option for every patient, doctor, physician who wants to get help to make decisions related to a disease. It works absolutely fine on your device while you are offline and also you can access it’s more feature when you are online. It has full support for all of your Android based device such as a smartphone and tablet. UpToDate helps you with its amazing medical calculator which allows you to accurately measure many different types of clinical measurements based on different scales. It has a large database which is full of information related to a drug, topics, medical issues, diseases and recommendation for other experts. This application appears to be very useful and help many patients to cure their disease with the right kind of information.

UpToDate also provides you with many features such as persistent login which helps you to save your time whenever you want to use this application. It also provides you with search auto-completion feature that is very helpful for you to get the accurate result for which you are looking for. It also has a special gift for a clinical student who wants to research and improve their knowledge base taken spend their time while reading valuable articles and they also get the opportunity to earn CPD and CE credits.

Download UpToDate on Android device

  • Go to settings and connect your device to an internet connection.
  • Open your favourite browsing application and search for UpToDate.
  • Once found then Download UpToDate on your smartphone.
  • Get ready to find all of the best solutions to your clinical issues.