Download UpToDate v1.3.4

Editorial Team

UptodateUpToDate is a software that provides its users with point of care resources, in simple words it means the app contains writings from over five thousand seven hundred physicians and credible authors. UpToDate is one of the most useful software for the student of medicine or a researcher in medicine that wants to know more about the effects of certain drugs on the human body which are documented by thousands of different authors. UpToDate is like a treasure for every physician who wants to explore the archives of all the effects of drugs on patients as the app has over twenty one thousand subjects to explore from. Each and every topic is covered in great depth in this app and you can access it all using only one app on any of your devices.

UpToDate is not a free software, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access its achieves and all the topics, you can however use the free version of the app but the information you get with it is very limited and you cannot use the free version for long on a device. The monthly subscription buys you the full software with all the achieves and it adds all the new updated information in the database whenever you are connected with the internet. You can download UpToDate on almost all devices and you can also download the offline version of the app where you do not have to be connected with the internet all the time while accessing the database. The app is very simple to use and has many features that come in handy and makes it very easy for you to continues reading from where you left off the last time and much more.

Download UpToDate v1.3.4 for Android

  1. Make sure you are connected to internet or a nearby Wifi.
  2. Open your preferred choice of browser.
  3. Download UpToDate v1.3.4 from here
  4. Wait forUpToDate v1.3.4 to finish downloading on your device.
  5. Now Install the app.
  6. Launch UpToDate v1.3.4 and enjoy its features.