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Editorial Team

UptodateUptodate is a Health App that allows you to access the records of thousands of patience and the effects of the prescribed drugs on their body and it has been proven to be one of the most useful apps and its category helping doctors all around the globe to determine the best possible way to treat people. If you are a student of medicine or a doctor and you like to expand your knowledge about your field of study then this app is a must have for you because it cakes you updated with all the recent health studies documented by other doctors so you can get to know about them and make smarter decisions.

Uptodate is not a free app, you need to buy a monthly subscription to keep using its database but it is worth it if you use the app on at regular basis like millions of active users worldwide. You can study about more than 21000 subjects related to medicine and explore them in great detail using just one app and the best part about using uptodate is that it is supported on almost all devices, from smartphones to computers and you can also download the offline version of this app if you do not want to stay connected to the internet while you access its database. The information on this app is constantly being updated by the authors so that you can get the best and most recent information about what you are reading and there are many features in the app that aid the user to keep reading and exploring more on uptodate.

Download UpToDate 2.26.1 for Android

  • Open chrome on your smartphone and visit this web-page.
  • Download UpToDate 2.26.1 on your smartphone and wait for the app to download successfully.
  • Install¬†UpToDate on your android device, sign in with your account details and start exploring.