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TurboTaxHave you ever wondered that if all the taxes can be done anytime, rather than going to the income tax office? Well, Intuit. Inc has found the solution for that. TurboTax, a product of the Intuit Inc has been a great help for people who are too busy to get the taxes done in income tax office or have missed out the date. One just has to click a picture of W-2, answer some questions about their life and have an e-file it from phone or laptop. TurboTax would give you an appropriate amount of tax which should be paid by you and you don’t even need to have any specific knowledge about tax.

Features of TurboTax 4.2.2

Some of the best features of the application are stated below.

  • TurboTax gives you the amount deducted by the industry you are working in and even states that whether it is the correct amount or not.
  • You can now directly talk with a tax expert through the application and clear your doubts.
  • The “explain why” option helps you to know the reasons behind the deduction of the amount and the type of tax that is imparted on you.
  • You can use this application for free and only have to pay a minimal amount when you fill the form of tax refund.
  • It gives you all the information of the tax deduction so as to increase the tax refund for you.
  • The fastest tax refund method is through TurboTax.

How to download TurboTax 4.2.2?

You can download this application from the link provided, directly.

Download TurboTax