Download TurboTax 4.13.1

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TurboTaxTurbotax is a software developed to help user calculate and file their State and Federal Income Tax returns online. It was designed by Intuit to provide users a step-by-step guide for filing their taxes so that a first-time taxpayer can easily use it. Turbotax claims to give an accurate calculation of your taxes with the guarantee of maximum tax refunds. It is always up-to-date with the latest laws on taxes including those on healthcare.

Features of TurboTax 4.13.1

  • Provides an easy way to file your State and Federal Income Tax Returns.

  • Guarantees the maximum tax refund for your Income taxes.

  • Provides a step by step guide to the user and guides him through the tax return documents.

  • Users can seek expert advice on their mortgage interest and changes related to the efficiency of energy

  • Hassle free preparation and filing of tax returns

  • W-2 and 1099 forms can be created for contractors and employees.

  • Last year’s TurboTax data can be easily imported.

  • Assists new business through startup-costs so they can get maximum deductions

  • Features updated data on Healthcare and Tax laws and regulations

  • Thousands of checks and double checks are conducted through the DoubleCheck feature

  • Additional assistance for bonds, stock, royalties, employee stock plans, and mutual funds is provided

  • Coaching for small businesses and self-employed individuals is provided to help them deduct home, office, vehicles and phone taxes.

  • My Analysis & Advice features check the past tax history of the user to maximize the tax refund in the next year

How to download TurboTax?

Like TurboTax, Download it from the link below:

Download TurboTax