Download Skype v5.3.32.108

Editorial Team

SkypeSkype is more than a communication application. It provide you phone number for receiving incoming calls. You can also get international calling rate at low in skype. You can chat with your friends and video call them in high quality all you require is an internet connection. It is easy to register on skype. Once you register on skype you can share pictures, video and chat with others. You can also share your screen with other withount any difficulty. Registered skype users can voice call each other through any device, it can be mobile, computer, laptop, smartwatch etc.

Skype is being used by more than million of users. Skype users can video call, voice call or share their screen with more than 20 people at once. This may seem suprising to you. No doubt Skype is better than all other apps, it is a full combinatation of all. Local numbers are availavle to more than 15 countries. Do you love to express your words with gifs or short clips? If yes then it is way more good to use skype as it give you so many gifs and clips to send which are from movies or T.V shows. A feature for iphone users in which they can command siri to call someone from skype contact list.

Features of Skype v5.3.32.108

Following are the feature of Skype v5.3.32.108 

  • Phone number is provided to receive incoming call.
  • Can voice call, video chat and share screen with more than 20 people at once.
  • Local numbers are available to more than 15 countries.

How to download Skype v5.3.32.108

Following are the steps to download Skype v5.3.32.108 

  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Download Skype apk.
  3. Go to file manager and search downloaded file.
  4. Tap on ”Install”.
  5. Now you can use Skype by clicking on its icon an enjoy using it.