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RightmoveFinding it difficult to search for houses for rent in the United Kingdom? Looking for a house to buy online but not sure whether to buy from? We have the right app for you. Rightmove is the leading property search app in the UK with over a million listings. The users can choose to buy or rent a house without having to waste time on property search. They simply need to put their location and their requirements in order to find the best possible property for them. Rightmove is the right app for anyone looking to move into a new house.

Features of Rightmove v3.3.4

  • Buy or rent property- Rightmove app can be used for both buying and renting a property. The app looks for houses as per the requirements of the user and finds the best
  • Saves time- It is a mobile app which allows users to browse through properties without having to waste time looking for it physically.
  • Millions of listings- There are over 1 million listings of different properties on the app. The users can easily look for their next house.
  • Floorplans- Each listing on the app has a personal floorplan and beautiful pictures in order to make it feel like the user has actually visited the property.
  • Email alerts– The users can get personalized mail when a new property is uploaded so that the users do not lose out on any properties.

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