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RightmoveEverybody has a perfect image of the kind of house they would  want to live in. If not that, everyone knows what they want to feel in that house. A feeling of warmth, comfort, coziness, could be anything. But most importantly it must feel like home. People spend their lives, working towards that home, a perfect set of four walls, that make you feel safe, and happy. One never wants to compromise in the houses they live in, and why should they. You want to look anywhere and everywhere, to find that one perfect house that you want to make a home out of. Rightmove is provides you with the opportunity to do so. Being the platform with the largest number of enlistments in the UK, Rightmove is the go the place to find a properties for sale and for rent in all over England, Scotland, and Whales.

Features of Rightmove v3.0.4b

The application provides with features such as;

  • Alerts for your favourite searches can be created , and matching profiles will be sent to you regularly.
  • A personal Rightmove account can be created for all your devices to be in sync with each other.
  • Properties are listed with large and clear, a number of sufficient photographs, for you to verify through the properties.
  • Sold price of over 26 million properties in the UK is displayed on the application for the user to go through.
  • Valuable information on the previously sold houses and the market can be obtained from the application.

How to download Rightmove?

Click the download link for downloading Rightmove in your device.

Download Rightmove