Download Rightmove v2.11.7

Editorial Team

RightmoveAre you looking for a rental property in UK? Try Rightmove. It is an app that is best for finding the best properties in UK. No matter wherever you are, you can still find the best properties without visiting their. The app has been designed as per the users requirements who are in need of properties. This app gives you full information about the properties which are available for sale or rent. You can just login into the app and search for any of these you want. This app will also tell you the exact worth of your property, all you would need to click on the option of valuation of property. This app is safe to use and is available for all platforms.

Features of Rightmove v2.11.7

Following are the features of Rightmove v2.11.7-

  • This app helps you to find properties of UK that are available for rent and sale.
  • You can get valuation if your property from the local agents.
  • You can get full information of the listed properties such as flooring, parking etc.
  • It supports all platforms.
  • This app will let you save all the searches and property which you can access later with app, website etc.
  • You can get photos, location etc details of properties.
  • You can view nearby schools and stations as well.

How to download Rightmove v2.11.7?

Rightmove can be installed in your device too. You will have to click on the download button for that. After downloading it, install it and you are ready to use it.