Download Quizlet v4.8.1

Editorial Team

QuizletAre you planning to improve your grades for the session? Are you ready to score the highest marks in your class? Statistics show that over 30 million students and teachers trust Quizlet to learn one new language and to prepare for exams. Quizlet is an emerging online learning platform which helps you to learn new concepts via its various amazing learning tools, games and quick memo techniques. It is very useful for students, teachers and every learner want to expertise their subjects. It offers various study modes through which the learner can explore its full potential. Quizlet provides a set of flashcards for many different topics which helps you to revise your lessons with more efficiency. It also gives you the opportunity to create your own flashcards and share them with your friend and you can also search and download flash card from its database. Another powerful feature of Quizlet which helps students to practice their spelling skills is its fill-in-the-blank mode in which you can practice your chapters by using fill-in-the-blanks. It also provides a speller mode in which students can develop their speech to text writing abilities. This platform also so gives you the opportunity to test your skills through its various tests types including written, MCQ, true & false, matching, spelling and many more.

Quizlet also so contains many interesting and funny games in which you have to drag and drop items on to one another to solve the puzzle. This tool also helps you to improve your vocabulary and language skills with the help of its text to speech feature through which you can also improve your pronunciation skills. It supports a wide variety of languages so you can literally learn any language from this amazing tool. It also provides a time tracker which helps you to compete with your classmates.

Download Quizlet on your Android Devices

1. Unlock your smartphone.
2. Open chrome web browser.
3. Download Quizlet and enjoy learning.