Download Quizlet v1.6.1

Editorial Team

QuizletQuizlet is a mobile and web based learning app for it’s users. With the help of learning tools and games it allows students to study various types of information and data. Quizlet was founder in October 2005 and the founder of Quizlet is Andrew Sutherland. The headquarters of Quizlet is located in San Francisco, California, United States. Quizlet v1.6.1 helps students to study and memorize information is an interesting manner, it trains students by conducting and providing various test series, different types of games and puzzles that is a great exercise for student mind and it is helpful in increasing the capability of the brain by making it sharp and boosts memory power. Quizlet v1.6.1 has introduced various new additional features in its app like diagramming feature visuals of geography and architecture, anatomy, vocabulary and many more.

It consists of various study modes which user a choose according to their requirement. Various study modes include flash card which is just like paper flash cards, speller, learn, gravity, match, long term learning, live and a lot more. The live mode now comes with teacher upgrade and this learning mode is based on flash card concept. User just have to download Quizlet on their device and fill up some basic information by providing your id, name and some other basic stuff, and then you can enjoy a whole new  learning experience on Quizlet tv1.6.1. It is available free of cost on various platforms like android, iOS, windows store, microsoft windows and you can also download this app on your mac and PC as well. This is a user friendly and a very popular app all over the world with millions of active users worldwide.

Download Quizlet v1.6.1 on your Android device.

  1. First of all make sure that you device is connected to a stable net connection.
  2. After that open the preferred browser on your device and Download Quizlet.
  3. Once the app is downloaded install the app and enjoy your learning experience.