Download Quizlet v1.5.4

Editorial Team

QuizletQuizlet is one of the most trusted study apps that is gaining a massive amount of popularity among the people. It is basically a platform that allows a user to learn about various topics and gain as well as enhance their knowledge, skills and their area of expertise. Initially, it was started as a program by Andrew Sutherland who is the founder of Quizlet. The idea of Quizlet struck into his mind while he was facing some difficulty to memorize something, so basically, this gave rise to creation of Quizlet. Best thing about Quizlet v1.5.4 is that registered users on Quizlet can customize and evolve the sets of terms according to their will and as per their requirement. Quizlet v1.5.4 provides various study modes to its user like flashcards, gravity, learn, long-term learning, speller, match, live etc. The app is updated and evolved from time to time to fix bugs and errors to provide best in class study and learning experience to its users by giving latest features.

Quizlet v1.5.4 is one of the best memorizing tools for users. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Quizlet is updated timely with latest features to provide a user-friendly experience to people. Quizlet has its base in San Francisco, California and it serves worldwide, it is available in various languages. Quizlet is among the top app in the USA. This platform helps students and other learners to train with the help of various games by conducting various tests. Quizlet v1.5.4 is among the fastest growing educational platform, it became popular quite soon. The quiz it provides is an interesting manner to learn and memorize. The motto of Quizlet is helping its users to learn in a more convenient way. Students can also learn about topics of heavy graphics and more. Quizlet v1.5.4 supports both online and offline mode and its best thing is that it is add free. Among Quilzet’s rapidly growing competition in the market, it still has not lost its edge in the market.

Download Quizlet v1.5.4 for Android devices.


  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

  2. Now open Chrome browser and Download Quizlet.

  3. Let it install on your device.

  4. Launch Quizlet and enjoy giving all kinds of test and improve.