Download Netflix v4.1.0

Editorial Team

NetflixNetflix is an online streaming app where you can find all the latest TV shows and movies that you can stream on any multimedia device of your choice which has an internet connection. Netflix charges its users a monthly subscription fee to stream media content on their devices but if you consider what you get for that money then the monthly charges are well justified because you get access to premium TV shows and new movies and a very welcoming user interface that encourages you to binge watch TV series and the first month of your subscription is always free of charge where you can decide if you want to keep the subscription you can also cancel it before one month and you won’t be charged anything.

Netflix offers different plans with different number of devices that can access that account and you can save money if more than three people use Netflix in your circle or family, you can share an account and also share the discounted subscription fees which comes out to be much less then what you would have to give on a single device subscription. Netflix also produces its own TV shows and web series which are known to be usually great and they are Netflix exclusive which means you won’t be able to watch them anywhere else, they are only available on this online streaming app. You can also download movies and TV shows on your device using the Netflix app so you can watch them without having to connect to the internet or save data if you watch the same thing multiple Times you can only access the downloaded files using the Netflix app and you cannot share those media files with any other device.

Download Netflix v4.1.0 for Android

  • Download Netflix for android smartphone.
  • Find the downloaded APK and install it on your phone.
  • Start streaming!