Download Netflix v3.16.1

Editorial Team

NetflixNetflix is an online streaming app where you can find the latest movies and TV shows in full HD quality and you can stream it on any of your multimedia device that supports internet connection. Netflix is available on almost all multimedia devices. The operating system of Netflix is designed to make your media streaming experience as smooth as possible with many features included in the app such as the option to skip the intro part of any movie or TV series, optimised resolution of the content being streamed and so much more. You also get the option to choose subtitles in many languages and you can also change the audio of the media content if available.

Netflix is not a free app, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to keep streaming media content using this app but the price of the subscription is worth it when you see what you get access to with that money. You get access to all the popular movies and TV shows, old and new. Netflix also recommends you the movies and TV shows that you might like based on that content you have already watched. The search bar of the app is great because not only you find the movie all TV show you are looking for but you also find similar movies that you might be interested in. You can create your own list of movies that you want to watch or want to have them one tap away in the app and the home screen of the app is a great place to look for more cool stuff to stream and binge watch. Netflix also produces web series that have great production quality and they are exclusive to Netflix only.

Download Netflix v3.16.1 for Android

  1. Unlock your device.
  2. Open your choice of web browser.
  3. Download Netflix.
  4. Now enjoy its premium content and watch your favourite shows.