Download MapQuest v1.7.1

Editorial Team

mapquestMapquest is one of the most popular navigation apps that you can use in the North American region such as in the United States of America and Canada and the app is designed for people who regularly commute to work in an unknown neighborhood or they just want to save time by taking the best possible route where they can save time and fuel. Mapquest has many features that allow you to substantially cut the time that you take to reach your destination through the city because with this app you will always know about the traffic conditions in your city and you can take the optimized routes to reach your destination quicker.

Mapquest is available on all operating systems such as Android IOS and Windows and it also supports voice navigation which is great future because now you do not have to look at the screen of your smartphone or the infotainment system of the car while navigating through the neighborhood, you can just turn down the music and listen to all the directions that you are given in order to follow your optimized route. If you are new to the neighborhood I just want to know a new locality then mapquest is the best app to have on your smartphone because it will tell you all the points of interest in that area such as gas stations, ATMs and malls that you can visit and you can also book hotel rooms using this navigation app and actually get great deals on your hotel bookings because the app compares prices for the same room from different websites and provides you the best price for that room which you can directly book with one tap.

Download MapQuest v1.7.1 for Android

  1. Open a browser on your smartphone and visit this website.
  2. Download Mapquest.
  3. Wait for the app to finish downloading.
  4. Locate the downloaded apk file and install it on your device.
  5. Run Mapquest.