Download MapQuest v1.1.1

Editorial Team

mapquestMapQuest is a navigation app design for users living in the North American region to provide them better navigation services while walking, driving or looking for directions. the app is one of the leading navigation apps that you can download for your Android device and it is absolutely free to download on all versions of Android, the app is loaded with features that you will find very useful while using the app navigate and look for directions to your favorite restaurant, store, etc. MapQuest gives you live updates on the traffic conditions around you so you can select the fastest route for your destination and save time and energy that you would otherwise spend waiting in traffic.

MapQuest also picks the fastest route for your destination according to the traffic updates that the app receives on a constant basis and these optimized routes can help you save fuel, time and energy. If you are using a public transport or a taxi then you can use the speedometer feature on this app to measure your speed in real time so you know how fast you are going which is a pretty neat quirk in the app. You can also look for points of interest around you like gas stations ATM hotels or coffee shops and much more which makes a huge difference when you are travelling and do not know the area very well . You can also book hotels and lights using MapQuest and get good deals on your bookings because it compares and shows you the website that gives you the best bang for your buck.

Download MapQuest v1.1.1 on Android

  • Open chrome on your phone.
  • Download MapQuest v1.1.1 on your android device.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file and install it on your smart phone.
  • Run MapQuest and start navigating on one of the best navigation apps.