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MalwarebytesMalwarebytes is an end to end security protection system which deals with security threats in an unobtrusive manner and different manner. It deals with known and zero day threats in a very effective manner but not just relying on digital signatures but also on some advanced mechanisms which helps it in detecting new threats even before they are discovered.

Features of Malwarebytes

  • Eliminates viruses from infected devices.
  • Protects from Malware and Ransomware.
  • If a website or server is found to be infected, the user is given a warning.
  • Provides centralized threat detection and reporting.
  • All the networks connected to the device are scanned for any viruses.
  • Shields the users from both known and upcoming threats.
  • Anti virus scanning is much more efficient and quicker with Hyper Scan mode.
  • It offers 4 layers of defense that provides protection,detection and removal of viruses.
  • Rapid Inspection mode provides quick analysis and targets threats which are currently active.
  • Anti Exploit feature scans for infections that creep into a user’s computer through software defects.
  • Chameleon tool helps in impairing Anti-Malware program on user’s computer .
  • The delete-on-boot feature helps in removing even the most deeply embedded Malware.
  • Anti Malware Remediation tool helps in reducing the chance of Malware re-entering the system of the user.
  • The dashboard shows all the important information and status of the system.
  • Detect and block the latest scams before they can do any real harm.Malwarebytes also stops crypto mining software and scripts which slow down PC’s.

How to download Malwarebytes

Secure your system today by downloading Malwarebytes.

Download Malwarebytes.