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MalwarebytesMany a times our devices are slowed down due to malware and viruses that hamper the regular working of the devices. In such a case there are applications that prevent such mishaps. The best application for malware detection and prevention and also that application which speed up the device by removing ransom ware is Malwarebytes. The application is suitable for both home computer and also commercial level computer used in business organizations . this application has over sixty thousand users in business organizations and is the perfect go to cyber security solution that provides with comprehensive end point protection, detection and remediation .

Features of Malwarebytes

The following are the features of Malwarebytes

  1. The application in itself is a stand alone solution that has individual connection to each and every device for a more personalized and user friendly experience that is custom to changes.
  2. The application has cloud based solution that has unmatched threat visibility for on premises solutions.
  3. The application provides real time protection as it shields the device from infection. The mobile device malware threats on the rise, the advanced technologies deal with dangerous newcomers like new ransom ware before they can become a problem .
  4. The application also blocks certain calls that are detected when a call is from an unknown source, suspected scammer or those that are fraudulent.
  5. The application also provides safer browsing experience as while using Chrome and other browser it alerts one when any detected malwares can be spotted

How to download Malwarebytes

This application can be downloaded with the help of the link provided below-

Download Malwarebytes