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MalwarebytesEveryone loves to keep their phones and computers safe from any threat. Malwarebytes allows the user to do just that by helping them keep their devices safe from any threat. The app is basically a malware-protection and antivirus app for all mobile devices. Malwarebytes helps the user keep their phones safe from virus or any other malware that would damage the device. The app allows the users to block spams and protect their privacy. Moreover, Malwarebytes also allows the users to block spams calls from scammers. The app is available for all mobile devices and is one of the best malware-protection apps for
mobile devices.

Features of Malwarebytes

  • Detects virus and ransomware- Malwarebytes automatically detects viruses and malwares without having to manually search for it. The app detects them before they can cause any harm to your mobile device.
  • Block spam calls- It helps the user stay secure from any scam calls. The app allows the user to block
    scammers and not entertain their calls.
  • Safer browsing- It monitors all the users browsing data and helps them browse safe without any online
  • Scans all apps- It scans all the installed apps on your phone to help you find any virus in the phone. The
    user can later remove these viruses or block them.
  • Secure and trustworthy- Malwarebytes is one of the most trusted and secure antivirus apps available for mobile devices.

How to download Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes can be downloaded using the link given below. Click on this link to start the download of the app.

Download Malwarebytes