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MalwarebytesMalwarebytes is an end solution that blocks all malware and hackers, it works better than any other antivirus in the market right now, and is sophisticated enough to stop attacks that traditional antivirus apps cannot. It aggressively detects and handles ransomware, PUPs and phishing scams that are on a high rise these days on mobile-based apps for both Android and iOS. Scams and privacy breach are a commonplace nuisance currently, owing to the number of apps and websites we access through our phones. Malwarebytes app protects your privacy and blocks scams.

Features of Malwarebytes

1. Malwarebytes blocks unknown calls and suspected scam calls before you attend it by warning you about the fraudulent calls and further blocks it.
2. It makes browsing through websites safer by scanning for phishing URLs whilst using your browser and alerts you when you visit any such website.
3. Not just that, even before you start browsing, it scans all links you receive through text and alerts you about any malicious links.
4. It identifies and removes adware and malware that might have affected your system.
5. Ransomware attacks are on an increase on the mobile network, Malwarebytes app offers real-time protection against active ransomware attacks and saves your mobile before it can be affected by ransomware.
6. Regularly audits all apps for privacy to let you know exactly what information from your mobile is being shared with the app and keeps tabs on any privacy breach that might occur through any of the apps downloaded on your mobile.

How to download Malwarebytes

You can download the app for both Android devices and iOS devices from the given link.

Download Malwarebytes