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LetgoWhen it comes to buying and selling of stuff, well there are a lot of applications which may serve the purpose. One such application is Letgo when you can make money through sale of old stuff, be it on old dining table or used books. Some great products on bargain prices can be obtained in
local area. On the other hand, selling old and unwanted stuff lying in the house can get you money too. It is basically like a mobile classified where people can buy and sell products easily and quickly. It is a reputable company with millions of users. It has been mentioned by well- known applications and media outlets like Bloomberg, The New York Times etc. According to a report, it was the second largest growing application in United States.

Features of Letgo v2.3.54

The Letgo application has some very interesting features, some of them are:

  • Exclusively a mobile application, not available for PC
  • Snap photos, list items to sell and chat with potential buyers instantly.
  • Registering in the application with an e-mail ID and a password makes one eligible to use the application
  • Quite a simple application to navigate
  • Category wise view of products available
  • Prices can either be fixed or be kept being decided by negotiation according to the wish of the buyer
  • Description of the product can be added
  • A list of prohibited items listed on the application
  • Payments to be individually handled by buyers and sellers either in cash or through PayPal
  • Pretty safe and 100% free to use

How to download Letgo v2.3.54?

You can download the app from the given below link-

Download Letgo