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Editorial Team

LetgoDo you want to sell the old unwanted stuff in your home? If you are willing to, download the app Letgo. The app is one of the best app you can ever have for buying and selling of second-hand goods. Be it selling furniture, your old laptop, other home appliances or anything else, everything will be available in this app and everything can be sold here. You just need to download the app once and sign up with your correct details so that when you sell an item, the buyer can contact you. Just list out the products you don’t need and add a picture and description of them. Once done, the buyers can come and purchase it. Whosoever is interested will message you and you have to make the deal fixed then. Here, the app will not ask for any commission or anything, you just have to pay for the product you are purchasing only and the money would go to the seller directly. The only thing is that if you use the app, you can trust and make your transaction secured.

Features of Letgo v2.3.5

  • Letgo can be used free of cost.
  • One can purchase the second-hand goods.
  • You can also buy all your second-hand goods there with a price.
  • Using the app is very easy.
  • Letgo is a safe medium to make your buying and selling easy of old goods.
  • You do not need to go anywhere as the app will search the buyer for you.

How to download Letgo v2.3.5?

Click on the button and download the app.

Download Letgo